How come it's free?

I offer this free and fun photography service because I love capturing people photography, it's great for my reputation, I get talked about which brings in other shoots, sometimes weddings, which are not free, and I will offer you far more than your 20 FREE images for just £19.95 but there is no obligation to buy. You receive 20 FREE images and we have a great time capturing the "Super-Model" in you. I make a little income. You save a fortune on professional, natural light, portraiture! Sweet.

What's the catch?

No catch. You enjoy being a portaiture model for an hour, or a little less, I get to hone my craft and improve my skills while filling my time, as a retired man, with the art I love most. Photography. You get your FREE images and undoubtedly show your family and friends. I get more shoots. Everyone is happy. It's worth mentioning here that as a former employee in a school, and in caring, I have the full monty DBS check. I live in Viceroy Court, Didsbury. I'm a nice bloke. ; O P

Will you try to get my money?

Sure! But there is no obligation to part with it. I do this for the love of it and to spread my claim to fame! Locally of course. ; O }
I will take hundreds of images on any shoot. I choose the best for your free 20 images which is hard as most of them will be corkers. You receive your 20 FREE images and I offer you all the other fabulous images for just £19.95
You will then recieve approx: 100 to 200 extra images, many, if not all, of which you will be delighted to recieve. Fair play?

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